this always would be the most adorable thing in the world


 #urgh i just had a horrible thought #what if this is just after harry was filmed in the malaria hospital #and he’d had to stop crying his eyes out so they could film #(that’s why looks so bug-eyed and blinky in the intro for the video) #but up until that point he’d been tucked up in louis’ comforting arms #ofc he couldn’t stay there #so he slid over to the other side of the bus #but just before liam started filming #louis slid his hand over so just the sides of their palms were touching #compass finding ship #and that touch means more than anything (thisismyoneluckyprize)



all my larry feelings → possessive from the start






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'Where We Are' Concert Film Announcement


SORRY TO BE LATE TO THIS PARTY but I’ve been dying all night over the fact that the VERY FIRST TIME The X Factor named Zayn or focused on him in any way, it was to foreshadow his Too Nervous To Dance On Stage story, and he’s standing there, stressed and upset and interviewing about how he’s not really comfortable or confident with his dancing, and the cameraman just HAPPENED to also catch TOTAL STRANGER LOUIS “FOOTLOOSE AND FANCY FREE” TOMLINSON in the background doing…whatever that is. THE UNIVERSE IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE.